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Gastric Balloon Treatment

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Non-Surgical Obesity Treatment

Intragastric Balloon

The Intragastric balloon is not a surgical procedure. It is an endoscopic procedure that does not require anesthesia and is sometimes performed under sedation. Or it places just via swallowing a capsule-shaped balloon neither requires endoscopy nor anesthesia. It is a temporary method aimed at filling the stomach earlier by placing a balloon in the stomach and feeling the satiety more quickly. This method is generally preferred in patients with a body mass index of 30-35 kg / m² and without additional diseases such as diabetes. It can also be used as a pre-operative preparation for overweight patients to lose some weight.

Depending on the selected balloon type, it is removed endoscopically after remaining in the stomach for 6 months to 1 year. The patient is given time to lose weight and change eating habits during balloon insertion.

If we talk about the advantages of the gastric balloon, the most important thing is that the gastric balloon does not require surgical intervention. Therefore, all surgical risks are eliminated. You don’t have to worry about any unwanted complications such as infection. The “Gastric Band”, which was once very popular, was not a surgical procedure that caused changes in metabolism, but it was still a surgical procedure. This method is no longer applied because patients cannot benefit from it sufficiently, has now been replaced by sleeve gastrectomy surgery. Gastric sleeve surgery is a more ideal method for patients in the morbidly obese (BMI over 40) category.

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What is Body Mass Index?

When calculating body mass index, classification is not made only based on weight and height. In addition, certain classifications are made according to age. This classification is as follows:

  • The ideal BMI for the ages of 19-24 is between 19-24
  • The ideal BMI for the ages of 25-34 is between 20-25
  • The ideal BMI for the ages of 35-44 is between 21-26
  • The ideal BMI for the ages of 45-54 is between 22-27
  • The ideal BMI for the ages of 55-64 is between 23-28.
  • The ideal BMI for aged 65 and over should be between 24-29.

To find out your body mass index, fill out the body mass index calculation form. When you fill out the form, you will see your body mass index. Also we will send you information about treatment and gastric balloon prices via Whatsapp message if you fill Phone Number section.

How to Place and Remove an Endoscopic Gastric Balloon?

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Types of Gastric Balloons

6 Month Endoscopic Gastric Balloon

6 Month Gastric Balloon as its name suggests, is a gastric balloon that stays in your stomach for 6 months. There are different brands of gastric balloons, the one we use is the Medsil Gastric Balloon.

It is placed by endoscopy and removed from your stomach 6 months later by endoscopy. Although it varies from patient to patient, an average of 10-20 kg weight loss can be achieved in 6 months. The 6-month gastric balloon is ideal for patients with a Body Mass Index between 27-40.


1 Year Endoscopic Gastric Balloon (ORBERA)

The Orbera Gastric Balloon, which we use as a 1-year gastric balloon, is a balloon placed through endoscopy and remains in the stomach for a year. At the end of 1 year, the gastric balloon is removed from your stomach by endoscopy. It is more suitable for patients who have more weight to lose. The 1-year gastric balloon is ideal for patients with a BMI over 27.

Adjustable Gastric Balloon (SPATZ3)

Spatz Gastric Balloon, also known as adjustable gastric balloon, is placed in your stomach via endoscopy and remains in the stomach for 1 year.

The difference of this balloon from other balloons is that its volume can be adjusted using endoscopy when necessary.

Gastric Balloon Treatment

Swallowable Gastric Balloon (Allurion)

The swallowable gastric balloon Allurion Gastric Balloon is different from other gastric balloons in terms of procedure. Allurion Balloon, which does not require endoscopy, is applied by swallowing with water. The capsule-shaped gastric balloon is swallowed as if swallowing a pill and remains in the stomach for 4 months. At the end of four months, its contents are spontaneously emptied and eliminated from the body through excretion, and therefore there is no removal process. An average of 15-20 kg can be given with a swallowed gastric balloon. For this gastric balloon, the Body Mass Index must be between 27-40.

Click the link below for more detailed information about Allurion Swallowable Gastric Balloon.

Gastric Balloon Treatment

Swallowable Gastric Balloon in Capsule Shape; Allurion Gastric Balloon

In addition to classical gastric balloon placements, Op. Dr. Erkam TÜLÜBAŞ also performs Allurion Gastric Balloon Placement. With the Allurion Elipse gastric balloon, which you can swallow with a glass of water, without anesthesia and endoscopy, you get the same benefit as standard gastric balloons. Moreover, there is no extraction process. After approximately 4 months, the Allurion gastric balloon empties its contents and is eliminated from the body naturally. Would you like to learn more about this extremely comfortable and effective type of gastric balloon?

Gastric Balloon FAQs

You should be fasting up to 12 hours before the procedure and not take any liquid within the last 6 hours. Aspirin and similar blood thinners should not be taken in the last 1 week.

This procedure is one of the non-surgical obesity treatment methods and is performed with anesthesia in endoscopy. After the examination of the stomach, if there is no obstacle to the application of the balloon, the balloon is placed with the help of the endoscope, according to the type of balloon and the volume of the stomach, 400-700 ml of liquid containing methylene blue is inflated on average.

Intragastric balloon placement takes approximately 15 minutes.


For Endoscopic balloon since the procedure is performed under anesthesia, it is recommended that you stay in the hospital for 1 hour after the procedure.

For Swallowable balloon you don't need to stay in hospital. You can leave the hospital after the procedure.

After the procedure you will be discharged the same day. Return to work time varies according to the patient’s adaptation to the balloon.

While this period is generally 1-3 days for the Allurion balloon, it may take a little longer for the endoscopic balloon.

After the procedure, patients may have stomach contractions, nausea, cramping, and complaints. But it is unclear what patients these problems may be. For this reason, patients are informed about this issue and the necessary medical treatment is regulated.

Complaints such as nausea, vomiting, and contraction after intragastric balloon can be experienced for up to a week and the majority of patients resolve within two to three days.

Depending on the type of balloon, the balloon must be removed from the stomach after 6 months or 1 year.

It is performed with the help of anesthesia and endoscopy during insertion and removal of the balloon. The contents of the inflated balloon are first emptied and then removed with the aid of an endoscope.

The balloon, which covers a certain part of the stomach, allows you to eat less food and get more saturated. Another benefit of the intragastric balloon is that it slows the passage of food through the stomach, allowing you to feel satiety longer.

This condition varies according to many criteria such as the patient’s age, additional diseases and weight. But the average is between 10-20 kg.  After the intragastric balloon is removed, it is essential to continue your diet and exercise program so that you do not gain weight. Studies show that 15-20% of total body weight can be given with a stomach balloon.

People suitable for Gastric Balloon are those who have difficulty in dieting and/or have health problems related to excess weight. There are certain conditions for a gastric balloon. First of all, it is important to have the required body mass index for the gastric balloon, which we have detailed above according to the type of balloon. Body mass index alone is not sufficient to decide on gastric balloon. In some cases, body mass index, age, etc. factors can be considered as secondary. Many factors such as comorbidities, abdominal fat, and the presence of eating disorders can be evaluated and the application can be decided. In addition, morbidly obese patients who will undergo gastric sleeve surgery can also undergo gastric balloon treatment to achieve weight loss in preparation for the surgery.

Gastric balloon is not suitable for people with stomach diseases, pregnant women, those who have previously had gastric sleeve surgery, those using cortisone for a long time, those who are undergoing cancer treatment or those who have recently received cancer treatment. For those with stomach diseases, the necessary treatment can be done before gastric balloon placement, and gastric balloon can be performed after the treatment. Likewise, after cancer treatment, a decision to make a gastric balloon placement can be made together with the oncologist who follows the patient.

"How much does the gastric balloon cost?" It must be the most popular among all these questions 🙂

Current 2023 gastric balloon prices in Turkey vary between 1000€ and 3000€, depending on the type of gastric balloon and the place where the procedure is made. Contact us to find out whether you are a suitable patient and our gastric balloon prices.

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